Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Poll: Which of these service dog videos is your favorite? Scroll down to vote!

It's National Service Dog Month! View contestant videos and vote for your favorite at the bottom!

1. This service dog meeting Pluto:

2. This hard working Lowe's service dog:

3. A dog with his own service dog:

4. This kayaking service dog:

5. Or these future service Great Dane puppies:

Vote below!

Hard-working Lowe's Service Doggo
44% (12 votes)
Kayaking Service Doggo
41% (11 votes)
Doggo with his own Service Doggo
7% (2 votes)
Service Doggo Meeting Pluto
4% (1 vote)
Great Dane Service Puppers
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 27