We give a nod to 'Veterans Month' with a hairy competition

What would it take for your to shave off your beard?

October 31, 2017 - 9:35 pm
Veterans tend to have three things: a motorcyle, a gut, and a beard.



But it got us wondering:  who could grow the best beard?  Hard to say when all the men here are bearded already.  That meant one thing:  everyone needed a good shave.

Not an easy thing to convince our staff to do.

Eric Dehm hadn't shaved in four years.  Last time he shaved was for his wife's birthday.  Until today.

Jake Hughes last shaved on October 16, 2016: the last day he was in the military.  He took that vet-beard thing to heart; he describes his beard as his identity.

Matt Saintsing had the most to lose:  his beard was the longest.  His last shave was the spring of 2015. But this whole beard competition was his idea, so screw him.

Jonathan Kaupanger is a clean shaven guy.  He shaves every Sunday night with an electric shaver.  Shaving isn't his problem.  NOT shaving is.

Mike (the fifth guy pictured above) isn't a vet.  He's our director of digital content.  He's a five o'clock shadow guy.  Stubble is his thing.  So he jumped in as an excuse to NOT shave for 30 days.

Think of it as a cleanse.  A reset.

A chance for you to play along.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIK2l4NtfHs&w=900&h=500 >

So, as a nod to Veterans Day and November being declared "Veterans Month," we shaved clean and are starting new.  The men of ConnectingVets -- all veterans, plus one non-vet who wanted to play along -- shaved off all their facial hair, with the intention of growing it back in competition.

Shave with us.  Check your Insta every day.  Vote on the best beard. Watch our faces grow like chia pets.