The author of the book, Matthew House. (Courtesy of Matthew House)

Soldier and Spouse, and Their Traveling House should be on your next reading list

What you'll get is a fun and funny look into a military marriage.

Kaylah Jackson
December 07, 2017 - 3:39 pm

A long round of golf between Matt House and his then girlfriend's father soon turned into a recruiting conversation that encouraged Matt to join the Army.

Fast forward, and after graduating with his undergrad degree at the University of West Florida, (and marrying his then-girlfriend), he enlisted in the Army and commissioned as an intelligence officer.

For Matt and his new wife, Deanna, they had a lot to learn as not just as a couple, but newlyweds living in Europe, thanks to Matt's first military assignment in Germany. From Europe to Japan, Iraq, and across the United States, like many service members, the military has taken Matt and his family across the world and in 2015 he decided to start documenting their experiences.

Those travel logs two years later turned into "Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House," a book about a new couple and their traveling 'misadventures.'

"I think the book will give the reader a sense of traveling in a general sense of "hey mistakes are bound to happen, its a journey so to speak...mistakes are perfectly okay, said Matt."

And it's not just a lighthearted and fun read for his audience but in writing it, it's helped Matt and his marriage blossom. What you'll discover, is Matt has a knack for surprises and his wife? Well, she's more of a need-to-know planner and feels a lot more comfortable if she has all the details--especially when traveling.

"Its unique to us in 'hey I need to make sure my wife knows exactly what we're doing to the best of my knowledge in as far advance as possible so that she can prepare for the adventures that I have planned ahead.'"

What you'll get from Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House is a fun and funny look into a military marriage and how they work through some fun and not-so-fun trips around the globe.

Their family's adventures continue as Matt's next assignment will bring him to Vietnam as a Foreign Area Officer, which are sure to bring more surprising trips and "uh-oh" experiences to come. To find more about his book click here.

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