(Photo courtesy Robert White)

Vetted wants to improve and privatize the veteran transition process

Eric Dehm
January 16, 2018 - 3:01 pm

Over the years, the process of preparing veterans to exit the service and reintegrate professionally has greatly improved. Of course, most of that improvement comes from simply existing, as until fairly recently Transition Assistance Programs weren’t a thing.

Until then, the advice many transitioning service members received was “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Times have certainly changed, and so has the transition process, but have they changed enough? According to the CEO of Vetted, Army veteran Robert White, the answer is “no.”

“I see a lot of space for improvement there,” White said during a recent appearance on’s daily radio show The Morning Briefing. “The program does what the law is written to do, unfortunately that’s not enough for our veterans. We need to do more. The transition process has to be improved.”

White said that the answer to improvement within transition can be found in the private sector. While that statement might concern some within the military, veteran and government communities, White believes that it’s the only logical conclusion.

Vetted CEO Robert White
(Photo courtesy Robert White)

According to White, the team at Vetted (which includes veterans and civilians alike) believes that while the military is perfectly suited to training people to enter the service, they’re not particularly cut out for preparing veterans to enter the business world.

“You wouldn’t take a CEO of a Fortune 500 company and make them a Brigade or 0-5, 0-6 commander of a unit,” White said. “So why would we do the same for a service member who is leaving by thinking their skills will all transfer over?”

In pursuit of their goal of changing the transition process, and preparing veterans for success in business, Vetted offers a fellowship program for vets, regardless of whether they have a degree or not. They have also partnered with several of the top business schools in America, including the Wharton School of Business at Penn, and plan to keep adding affiliations with top-flight schools in the coming days.

The full interview audio of Rob White’s appearance is available below.

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