(Photo courtesy Pete Burdon)

So, this Vietnam vet rides into Woodstock on horseback....

It's kind of a funny story.

Eric Dehm
October 23, 2017 - 9:04 am
When Pete Burdon went to the Navy recruiter's office in 1965, he was ready to join on one condition: he didn't want to chip paint all day. To his credit, the recruiter told him that's pretty much all he could offer to the 18-year-old. He then mentioned that the Sergeant next door might have something more exciting for the kid to do.

And that's how Pete Burdon, all 95 pounds of him, joined the Marine Corps. He deployed to Vietnam, where he would see combat and be meritoriously promoted to both Corporal and Sergeant. Burdon was, clearly, a good Marine. He even voluntarily extended his stay in Vietnam because, as he told ConnectingVets.com, "that's what Marines do."


Rodney Fujita (l) father of former NFL star Scott Fujita, with stand-up comedian Pete Burdon (r) . The two served together with the Marine Corps in Vietnam and are at center and right in the inset picture taken in Vietnam
(Photo courtesy Pete Burdon)

In 1969, he fell in love, got out of the Corps and embarked on what turned out to be an incredible journey.

Along the way he spent time as a mounted police officer in New York, working the Woodstock festival on horseback. He now works at Navy Recruiting District Jacksonville, Fl. and three years ago, at the age of 67, started performing on the North Florida comedy circuit as a stand-up comedian.

Burdon is an interesting character who's lived a fascinating life, and he's proof positive that it's never "too late" to chase your dreams.

You can listen to his full interview at the link below. To download and listen later, click the share button and select "Download."