(Photo Courtesy Dan Crenshaw)

Retired SEAL has his sights set on a seat in Congress

Eric Dehm
December 13, 2017 - 4:11 pm

by Eric Dehm

The story of Dan Crenshaw's Navy career is amazing. It's the kind of thing you read about in a book or see in a movie.

As a Navy SEAL officer, Crenshaw deployed several times, seeing action in both Iraq and Afghanistan before an IED almost claimed his life in 2012. The explosion ended up taking his right eye, and doctors believed he'd never see again with the left.

In what his doctor termed "a miracle," Crenshaw regained sight in his eye following several surgeries.

Still, that kind of catastrophic injury would end most careers, but not Crenshaw's. Following a lengthy recovery period, he deployed twice more to the Middle East and South Korea before being medically retired.

Along with his military cred, Crenshaw has the academic angle covered as well, having finished his Master's in Public Administration from Harvard's prestigious Kennedy School of Government shortly after his retirement.

After a decade of service and sacrifice for our nation, you'd have a hard time finding anyone who thinks Crenshaw needs to do more for his fellow Americans. Anyone other than Crenshaw, that is.

He recently announced his entry into a race for a seat in Congress. Specifically Texas' 2nd district, which includes Crenshaw's home town of Houston. Following Congressman Ted Poe's announcement that he would retire following his current term. Crenshaw says he's running on a platform of "secure borders, lower taxes, and promoting the ideas that founded our country."

Under the spotlight that comes along with running for office, the details of Crenshaw's military career have become public knowledge, and caused some to think he's got to be making it up, or embellishing at the least.

It's because of this that a number of people have contacted the man known for finding and outing SEAL impostors, retired Senior Chief (SEAL) Don Shipley. In fact, Shipley says he's had more people reach out to him questioning Crenshaw's credentials than any other individual, with some of those questions coming from within the SEAL community.

"If he knew how many people I've verified him to... maybe the eye patch is part of it," Shipley says with a laugh. "Some of the old-school SEALs have asked me about him because they think there's nobody out there with his quals and everything. I tell them right away 'hey, this guy is legit, the real deal, and you don't wanna mess with this young man.'"

While his background might give him an advantage in his new political career as will support from people like fellow Texan, and SEAL, Marcus Luttrell of Lone Survivor fame, Crenshaw says that alone isn't enough and that he needs to get out there and let the voters know about what he plans to do, not what he's done, no matter how much and how impressive it may be.

He believes if he's successful in getting his message out, he likes his chances.

Considering all he's accomplished to this point, bet against him at your own risk.

Listen to Crenshaw tell the story of his SEAL career and answer questions on why he decided to run for office and what he plans to do if elected in the interview below.

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