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HillVets founder talks VA delays, Trump "mystery" vet announcement

Delays for the VA's EHR program and a "mystery announcement" from Presidetn Trump are the hot items being looked at by HillVets founder Justin Brown.

Eric Dehm
January 16, 2018 - 3:18 pm

During his weekly appearance on ConnectingVets.com's "The Morning Briefing" radio show, HillVets founder Justin Brown brought a long list of subjects to discuss. From POTUS to the Hill and everything in between, it's a busy time for vet-related items, including:

The President's upcoming "mystery announcement" regarding... something to do with transitioning from active duty to veteran status.

VA Secretary Shulkin pushing back the Electronic Health Record timeline due to concerns with some of the wording in Cerner's plan.

HVAC Chair Phil Roe getting some face time with POTUS on Air force One

Will the Justice Dept. crack down on marijuana affect he VA's brand new rules allowing doctors to talk to vets about weed?

And because everyone's talking about it how about Oprah for president? More importantly, who's watching millionaires give each other awards for doing their job correctly?

The full interview is available for streaming, or download, below.

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