Lauren Warner

A self-proclaimed “quadruple threat” as far as connections to the military are concerned, Lauren was born into an Army family in Heilbronn, Germany, and moved 10 times before heading off to Pennsylvania State University and completing Bachelor’s degrees in English and Print Journalism in 2011.

A year after graduation, she found herself at a recruiting station and signed up for 5 years as a Public Affairs Broadcaster with the Army. Lauren completed the Defense Information School and landed at 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard, where she met her future husband (also in the Army). While at The Old Guard, she ran social media, traveled with the unit to cover special events, and became the first female ‘Voice of the Old Guard.’

Both she and her husband’s time in the military were cut short due to post-deployment health issues and Lauren got out to become a full-time caregiver. During the transition, she attended VETOGA’s inaugural yoga teacher training course and then earned a spot in the Dog Tag Bakery Fellowship program in Washington, D.C., graduating the program with a Certificate in Business Management from Georgetown’s Continuing Education Program.

So now, in addition to working on her Masters in Marketing Management through UMUC, Lauren’s turned her focus to helping other caregivers, military spouses and veterans, shining a spotlight on the ever-growing number of resources available, but often not visible, to the community.