How many trucks does it take to move a quarter million wreaths?

Elizabeth Howe
November 26, 2018 - 12:42 pm

Photo courtesy of Stephen Smith/DVIDS

Over a quarter of a million wreaths will soon be on their way to Arlington National Cemetery for this year's Wreaths Across America.

Ten trucks full of wreaths (out of a total of 68) will start the trip on Saturday, Dec. 8 and travel in a convoy of tractor trailers. It will take a week for them to complete the journey from Maine, where they were made, to Virginia — with plenty of stops along the way! For safety reasons, only ten trucks will complete the convoy tour — the other 58 will be waiting at Arlington National Cemetery. See the convoy's schedule here

Photo courtesy of Walter Reeves

The volunteer convoy will arrive at Arlington National Cemetery on Dec. 15 — just in time for tens of thousands of volunteers to place them on grave sites for this year's Wreaths Across America.

The farm in Maine that makes the wreaths is the same one that started the tradition of placing wreaths for the holidays back in 1992. That year, the Worcester family placed 5,000 of their surplus wreaths on grave sites in Arlington National Cemetery. Last year, 1,500,000 wreaths were placed. 

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