Women veteran baby showers could be coming to a VAMC near you

Jonathan Kaupanger
April 04, 2018 - 3:24 pm

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA


Nearly half of all women veterans served by VHA are of reproductive age. There’s a full range of maternity, infertility and gynecologic services that support reproductive goals of women vets. This May, Veterans Affairs is adding a new service, baby showers!

“We thought we’d get about 20 sites across the country involved,” said Danielle Corazza, National Outreach coordinator for VA’s Center for Women Veterans (CWV). “Not so! We have 62 sites and almost 2,500 parents-to-be sign up in the first four days!”

The Nationwide Baby Shower for Veterans is happening this May in the weeks surrounding Mother’s Day. CWV is partnering with Philips, a national company that makes bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers and other baby items and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation which is a nationwide community of caregivers.  “We’re looking at veteran new parents as the newest caregivers,” said Corazza.  “This is an important time, this is an intense time and we really want to connect our new veteran parents to their community and show them we care!”

Throwing a baby shower at a VA medical clinic isn’t new, many do it already on their own but CWV wanted to make it accessible and more open for the entire country. It also brings attention to other women-specific needs. Maternity bras, breast pumps and even nipple cream and all the accessories that go along with these items and this can get very expensive. But according to Corazza, it is considered a medical need and the VA is proud to support that need. 

You don’t have to be expecting a child to participate with the baby shower, you can give support by purchasing a new baby kit that will be given to a new veteran parent. Kits consist of a diaper bag with pretty much everything you’ll need to support a new baby for the first couple weeks. 

CWV is looking for volunteers to help out with the baby showers. You can find the event locations at the Nationwide Baby Shower website and can contact a coordinator from there. The first baby shower is May 5 and the final one, for now, is May 16.