(Courtesy of Service Women's Action Network, SWAN)

Women in the Military: Where They Stand A Legacy of Captain (retired) Lory Manning

April 03, 2019 - 3:55 pm

By Ellen Haring

The Servicewomen’s Action Network (SWAN) is pleased to announce that the 10th edition of “Women in the Military: Where They Stand” is now available for free download from our website. This booklet has been produced by three different organizations over the years but has the same principle author. Retired Navy Captain Lory Manning has been a stalwart and dedicated chronicler of the history of servicewomen.

Each year that she has set about updating the booklet she has had to request the data from the Department of Defense via Freedom of Information Act request. The comprehensive data set that she compiles and makes available is not publicly available in any other location. Her booklet has been cited by academics and journalists from around the world. Members of Congress rely on her book for up to date information on women in the military.

This booklet provides up to date information and data on women in the military.  The booklet is a chronological history of women in the US military over the past 70+ years from 1948 when, through passage of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, women first won the chance to serve in the regular armed forces—albeit with limitations on their service that would seem outrageous today—right up to the present day as women begin to integrate ground combat units and occupations. 

The chronology demonstrates that integrations have been a continuous but slow journey in which each succeeding generation of servicewomen, through the high caliber of their performance, paved the way for the next generation of servicewomen. 

Included in the booklet are sections on the historical background of women’s service; a chronology of key legal and policy changes made since 1947; demographic information on women veterans and women currently serving in the five active duty and seven National Guard and reserve services; an update on how ground combat integration is proceeding; a chronology on the services attempts to come to grips with the epidemic of sexual assault and harassment since 1979; and a bibliography of reports and studies concerning military women and veterans by the Services/Executive Branch or mandated by Congress since 1990.

The Service Women’s Action Network salutes Captain Lory Manning!

You can read "Women in the Military: Where They Stand," in entirety here.

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