Photo by Staff Sgt. Brian Ragin

Wife of Green Beret charged with murder denounces 'Army of Manning and Bergdahl'

December 18, 2018 - 11:55 am

This weekend, President Donald Trump said he would be "reviewing" the case of a former U.S. Army commando who is charged with murdering a suspected Taliban bomb maker when he was deployed in 2010.

Today, Mathew Golsteyn's wife Julie told Fox News that her husband is not a “cold-blooded murder,”according to The Daily Caller.   Golsteyn called out the Army for it's poor treatment of  “good men,” and instead highlighted the cases of deserter Bowe Bergdahl and leaker Chelsea Manning.

The Green Beret admitted in a 2016 interview that he killed the man, who was accused of building a bomb that killed two Marines.  His wife says that the man he killed was a “known enemy combatant” instead of a “suspected” bomb maker,

The President's interjection into the case raises concerns he might jeopardize a military legal proceeding.

In a statement Sunday, Army Col. Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, said that “the allegations against Major Matt Golsteyn are a law enforcement matter. The Department of Defense will respect the integrity of this process and provide updates when appropriate.”

Trump and other senior military and administration leaders have issued statements about military criminal cases in the past, triggering legal appeals and other complications as the courts work to insure impartial proceedings. The president, however, does have broad authority to pardon criminal defendants.

An Army statement on Friday said Golsteyn was charged with killing the Afghan during Golsteyn’s 2010 deployment to Afghanistan. Golsteyn was leading a team of Army Special Forces troops at the time, and believed that the bomb-maker was responsible for an explosion that killed two U.S. Marines.

The Golsteyn case has bounced around since 2011 when he told the CIA in a job interview that he’d shot and killed the man.