"West Point Commie" to receive Other Than Honorable Discharge

Eric Dehm
June 08, 2018 - 12:07 pm



It has been announced that Spenser Rapone, the former West Point cadet who made headlines with his pro-communist/anti-military social media postings, will be speaking at "Socialism 2018" an event celebrating the political ideology favored by Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Dutschke and Chavez.

With Rapone most recently known to still be serving in the Army's 10th Mountain Division, you might question how he'd be able to do that. Look no further than this tweet from author/vet Rory Fanning who will be conducting the "Resisting within the ranks" segment with Rapone. 

Yes, as first reported by SOFREP, it looks like Rapone will soon be free to wear whatever t-shirt he'd like, and post whatever he'd like online, with an Other than Honorable (OTH) discharge headed his way. This comes years after Rapone was Released for Standards, or "RFS'd" from 3rd Ranger Battalion, a story that ConnectingVets first broke in September 2017.

While it was intitially photos of Rapone sporting clothing, and messages, praising communism at his West Point graduation that sparked outrage, it was later revealed that Rapone had posted on reddit under the username SRap1, including a post about the "mission at hand" being creating a "Guerilla Warfare Manual" for an upcoming communist revolution in the United States. He had also tweeted photos of a Democratic Socialists of America nametag bearing his name, and position within that political organization, placed on top of his unform.  

When ConnectingVets reached out to several JAG officers for opinions on the possibility of Rapone being removed from the Army, or even tried for treason as some in the veteran community thought was appropriate, an OTH discharge was predicted by retired USMC JAG Butch Bracknell who said at the time "I'd probably look to go after an OTH discharge because it's pretty clear he entered the Army without a serious intent to render serious service. I'd ensure his security clearance was suspended ... I'd recommend up the chain of command they go after him for the cost of his USMA tuition which is not a small expense."

Dr. Mike Simpson (M.D.), a Ranger & Green Beret, seemed to think the Army made the right move summing up his feelings on the "Commie Cadet" in a one word retweet of SOFREP's article:

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