This weekend's Steam Sale!

Jake Hughes
May 11, 2018 - 1:19 pm

(Image Courtesy of Dreamstime)


Valve’s Summer Steam Sale is supposedly happening this upcoming June, but there are some great deals available this very weekend.

Far Cry series

With Far Cry 5 recently released, it makes sense that Ubisoft wants to capitalize on its popularity. Right now, Far Cry 2, 3, 4 and Blood Dragon are all on sale for super cheap. If you’ve never played the open-world run-and-gun series, I highly recommend picking up 3, as it’s seen as the best in the series. Oh, and check out Blood Dragon. It’s got this cheesy 80’s action aesthetic about it and they even got Michael Biehn to do voice work!

Grand Theft Auto 5

This is truly a game that needs no introduction. The sandbox game to end all sandbox games, it only gets more deep with its rich multiplayer. You do the usual GTA things: plan heists, race cars, do drug deals, etc. Only now, you can do them with friends from across the globe.


One of the most celebrated PC games of the 2000’s, Crysis puts you in the shoes of a bio-enhanced soldier in an alien suit of armor. The mix of stealth and action are a lot of fun, and the graphics have held up well for how old the game is. You’ll still need a decent rig to play this game at full quality, but if you have a beefy enough system, it’s gorgeous.

Hotline Miami

Here’s a game that’s definitely not suitable for the children. Hotline Miami is an indie action game from Dennaton Games. The game is made in this top-down, 8-bit style that seems friendly enough, but the hyper-violent gameplay is brutal in its execution, and 8-bit or not, when you ram an electric drill into a dude’s head, it ain’t for kids. Both this and its equally as good sequel can be yours for only five bucks, so if you can stomach some violence, try it out.

Mass Effect 2

Again, a game that defies introduction. The venerated series from Bioware and Electronic Arts is legendary for its great action, heavy story, and player decisions that actually matter. You once again take control of Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy as you try to save the galaxy form the Reapers, aliens who are hell-bent on exterminating all organic life. The digital deluxe edition comes with the soundtrack, a comic book, and an art book, and it’s super cheap. Definitely one you want to play if you’ve never played before.