A way to say thanks: Crown Royal teams up with Packages From Home

Sadly, whisky isn't available.

Matt Saintsing
March 07, 2018 - 3:23 pm

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If you’ve been deployed, chances are you’ve looked forward to getting a piece of home mailed to you. When I was down range, I looked forward to getting some fresh local coffee grounds. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, even found a way to send me a rum cake for my twenty-first birthday, which was spent in northern Iraq (sigh).

Care packages can pack a punch of morale, and are far more meaningful than other mail. Maybe that’s why Crown Royal has teamed up with Packages From Home for that lets you “pack a bag” to send to those who are deployed in harm’s way or stationed overseas.

It doesn't cost you anything.  But then again, you're sending the package to a random person.  You can't send it to your son, or your wife, or your buddy overseas.  Crown Royal picks the person.

Here’s how it works. Check out this website where you can choose four items to put in the package. The options are chips, coffee, cookies, instant oatmeal, lip balm, nuts, pretzels, and tea. The best way to almost anyone’s heart is through their stomach; military members deployed overseas are no different.

Once you’ve picked the items, you can also add a personal message. After that, provide an email address and hit the “submit” button. It’s that easy. Packages From Home will take it from there, and send your package to an American troop away from home.

And while it would be great if you could specify exactly where the package goes, or maybe even picking a friend or family member, but unfortunately that’s not available.

Perhaps even sadder is that you won’t be able to send them any whisky. Believe me, I tried. I really did.