Warrior Canine Connection helps veterans with service dogs — now they need help

Elizabeth Howe
February 20, 2020 - 12:58 pm
Warrior Canine Connection

Warrior Canine Connection


 Since the beginning of its mission in 2011, 4,000 service members — many struggling with symptoms of PTSD — have helped train puppies to eventually serve as service dogs with Warrior Canine Connection. Now, the operation's facility has been flattened by a recent torando — and it needs help rebuilding. 

"It really slowed down our operations until we get these buildings repaired or replaced. It doesn’t stop us but it slows us down considerably," said Rick Yount, WCC executive director. 

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The storm destroyed the facility's largest storage building, located in Boyds, Maryland, and two of the trailers used for office space and training. Some of the buildings were state-funded, and WCC is not optimistic that the state will soon provide the funds for reconstruction — so the community has stepped in. 

"We've had an outpouring from the community to get the funds to really repair the buildings and get the operation back up and running," Yount said. 

And that operation is a very imporant one for a lot of veterans. 

"We know that the dogs have a healing effect. The human-canine bond has been around for 30,000 years," Yount said. "But being able to create a regained sense of purpose for veterans learning how to train these dogs — there's no better way to learn patience than to practice patience and training with dogs requires a lot of patience. You regain a lot of the skills that are sometimes trained out of you in the military when you're trained to be a warfighter."

WCC has been receiving donations through Facebook and Instagram as well as through a designated donation portal on their website. Theoperation is also always looking for Puppy Parents, Puppy Sitters, and volunteers. 

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