Walmart inching closer to their goal of hiring 250,000 veterans

Kaylah Jackson
May 31, 2018 - 12:42 pm



Imagine a young man originally from Mississippi who joined the Marine Corps to help put his sister through school. After getting married, starting a family and eventually leaving the Marines, he ran into challenges finding a job. Eventually he landed a part-time position has an overnight stocker at his local WalMart. Within just five years he was promoted four times and is currently training to become an Assistant Manager.

That is a real story. One that Gary Profit, retired Army Brigadier General and Director of Military Programs for Walmart heard. He had the oppurtunity to meet that young Marine but that is just one of the many stories he holds dear of service members excelling at their careers at Walmart.

On Memorial Day in 2013, Walmart launch their "Veterans Welcome Home Commitment" which would guarantee a job offer to any honorably discharged veteran who applied to the company within 12 months of leaving active duty. Two years later Walmart has expanded their initial commitment to hiring 250,000 veterans by the end of 2020. 

Today, they're certainly ahead of schedule and to-date have hired more than 200,000 veterans, on the road to meeting their goal earlier than they planned.

"In addition to the knowledge, skills, and abilities that represent an investment in training and eudcation of those who have served and are serving, I think that the defining quality is the fact that the nation invests heavily in their development as leaders and thats what we can really put to work as a part of our team here at Walmart," said Profit.

But hiring more veterans is only the tipping point. With women now representing about fifteen percent of the Armed Forces, Walmart is extending their hand to invest in Women Veterans Network (WoVen).

A brand new organization, Profit said WoVen aims "to help build a nationwide networks sytem, if you will, of peer support groups that connects women veterans from all conflicts areas and service branches and provides them with the information, education, and resources to improve their quality of life."

For veterans who are interested in getting more informaton about Walmart's veterans initiatives they can go online to Veterans and Military Families or  Walmart Careers With a Mission

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