Looking for work while self-isolating? Check out this virtual job fair

Lisa McLean
March 26, 2020 - 2:44 pm
The Air Force Civilian Service, in support of the United States Space Force, hosts a hiring fair event at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott to fill many existing job openings in the Los Angeles Air Force base.



If you are one of the millions who are self-isolating and are looking for a new job, then check out the new reality of virtual job fairs.

Carl Savino, the founder of Corporate Gray, has moved their in-person job fair to a virtual one for March and April.

Gray, an Army veteran, started his company in 1994. He describes Corporate Gray as “an intermediary company that connects transitioning service members and veterans with employers through our corporate job fairs and online website.”

On their website is a list of the companies that are looking to hire, like Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Capitol Police. While a lot of the companies are in and around Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia,  there are jobs that have opportunities nationwide.

So how does a virtual job fair work?

The website tells you where to post a resume before meeting with potential employers. Applicants will then register themselves on the Corporate Gray website, which links them to the virtual job fair site.

Savino said there will be a virtual booth where the applicant will text chat with the recruiter.  If the company wants to go further, a video chat will follow.

The next job fair is March 27, and there will be another on April 24.

“The reality is we are in for some tough times. The reality of the market has changed, and you have to be proactive,” Savino said. “Companies will always be hiring the best fit they can find.”

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