Vietnam veterans, we salute you

Phil Briggs
March 29, 2018 - 1:51 pm

Today, we salute the sacrifices that veterans and their families made during the Vietnam War. We also recognize that as a nation, we never gave you a proper welcome home.

But over the years, thanks in part to veterans like Capt. Dale Dye (who collaborated with Oliver Stone and taught Hollywood how to make the quint essential Vietnam War movie, “Platoon”) there have been many great homages to Vietnam vets. 

So, to pay proper tribute we asked the staff at Connecting Vets to share what they think are the most kick ass Vietnam movies ever made.

Here's what we came up with:

Good Morning Vietnam

“That’s the movie that literally made me want to join the military.”

- Eric Dehm, Navy

(Though Eric never did become a famous DJ in Afghanistan, we’re certain there are soldiers from the 10th Mountain Div. who still remember him as that Navy journalist guy, always doing weird character voices)

Apocalypse Now

“I loved the part where he says, ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’. I don’t know what napalm smells like, but Robert Duval was just dam cool in that movie.”

- Jonathan Kaupanger, Navy

Forest Gump

“The scene where he’s defining the different kind of rain …I think of it every time it rains.”

- Caitlin Kenney, Army spouse

Full Metal Jacket

“It encompasses so many parts of the military experience. The boot camp part in the beginning and then the rest of the story about being in Vietnam. I guess I like it most because it’s really about a journalist.”

Kaylah Jackson, Army

Boys in Company C

“The land mine scene is the best. When he’s gotta put the ammo boxes on the mine and then they both jump off it, that’s great."

Jake Hughes, Army

(And just like in the movie Jake often says to co-workers, “I may not get a chance to tell you this, but you’re the biggest damn bastard I’ve ever known in my life.”)

We Were Soldiers

“I like the guy that played the Sgt. Major Plumley.”

- Matt Saintsing, Army

After watching it again, we agree Matt- the best response to “Good Morning” should always include an f-bomb.

Apocalypse Now

“Charlie Don’t Surf!! The scene where the Colonel is demanding the kid surf is the most bad ass scene in all of sports. I love how he’s yelling, “If I say it safe to surf this beach, then it’s $%#ng safe to surf this beach!” While explosions are going off everywhere.”

- Phil Briggs, Navy

(While in the Navy, Phil once lost the ship’s underwater camera while trying to take pictures of fellow Sailors, dropping into head high surf at Jupiter Beach, FL.)

To all of our fellow vets who served during this era we say, "Thank you for your...." No, no, no. Not going to use that cliche!

Rather, Vietnam vets, we will never forget you. Have a kick ass day!