Video: What it's like to hunt at 'Warriors Rest'

Eric Dehm
February 01, 2018 - 3:11 pm

Photo Courtesy Diane Shipley

When retired Navy SEAL (and legendary hunter of stolen valor) Don Shipley told us about his newest passion project, it sounded pretty amazing.

He and his wife Diane, also a Navy veteran, had moved to Maryland's eastern shore fairly recently and purchased a property with the intent of turning it into a destination for America's wounded warriors. They'd named it "Warriors Rest" and had been bringing out small groups of veterans and active duty service members, who had been wounded in combat, to unwind by taking part in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

So when Don asked us if we knew anyone who might enjoy coming out for some goose hunting, of course we jumped at the opportunity and brought Marine Corps veterans and Purple Heart recipients Rob Jones, who recently ran 31 marathons in 31 days on two prosthetic legs to raise awareness of disabled veterans, and Ben Kiernan to Warrior's rest. Myself and Connecting Vets' Phil Briggs joined in on the fun. 

Everyone came in with high expectations, and those high expectations were greatly exceeded by Don and Diane's hospitality and a fantastically fun couple of days finishing with a succesful hunt. 

Oh, and we brought a camera along to capture the experience. Check it out: