"Things are not over." VFW posts in NC prepping for long Florence fight

Eye on Veterans
September 21, 2018 - 11:39 am

Photo courtesy VFW Post 7383

In the days leading up to Hurricane Florence making landfall, it appeared Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 7383 in Cary, NC was directly in her path. Once it became clear that the storm would veer south of Cary, storm prep turned into relief prep as the VFW members began gathering and staging supplies to help out their fellow Carolinians ASAP. And they weren't alone. According to Post Junior Vice-Commander Tom Baker, a Navy and OIF veteran, it was all coordinated by the VFW Department of North Carolina and the National Headquarters.

"Leading up to the storm actually coming in," Baker said during an appearance on The Morning Briefing radio show. "The Commander of the Department of North Carolina, that's Allen Payne, basically put down a plan that was coordinated at the VFW headquarters for the department and they labeled and designated 6 posts around the state as collection points for relief aid."

Photo courtesy VFW Post 7383

The posts are 7383, 6018 Fayetteville,  4203 Rockingham, 5631 Sanford, 9010 Clemmons and  2423 Indian Trail. The VFW's disaster relief support program has given the addresses of those posts, as well as a link to donate and assist with the recovery and clean-up, a process which is not expected to end anytime soon.

"Years," Baker predicts. "I mean Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016 and it was a devastating storm for a lot of the same reasons... I was watching on the news last night there was a church, I believe down in Spring Lake, a Presbyterian church where the water made it to the steps during Matthew. Well during this storm the water made it almost to the top of the door into the church. That tells you the major difference in the total amount of water. And things are not over, I have to stress that."

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