Vettys 2018: Hanging with amazing vets, celebs and WH Chief of Staff Kelly

Guess which is harder: being a general or running the White House?

Phil Briggs
January 22, 2018 - 3:31 pm

The 3rd annual Vetty Awards, hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper, was held at Washington DC's prestigious Mayflower Hotel. 

The Vettys recognizes individuals and organizations that have tremendous impacts on the lives of veterans.  The night was filled with salutes to the winners:

Connecting Vets reporters Matt Saintsing and Phil Briggs met a few surprise guests during the event.

Gen John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff

When Matt asked, "Which job is harder, being a General or Chief of Staff?" He replied, "Being Chief of Staff is 500 times harder."


Dr. David Shulkin, Secretary of Veteran Affairs

Phil asked him if it would be "appropriate" to ask for his picture.  He smiled and said, "no". But then laughed and posed for a quick picture.  He also accepted our invitation to come to the studios for an interview later this year.


Montel Williams, Navy Veteran, Spokeperson and Activist

When we saw Montel exit the red Carpet we asked him if we could go skiing with him. (He's a huge propomemt of snowboarding as treatment for his MS) In addition to accepting our request, he quickly broke out his phone and showed us a new medical device he has been working on.  He shared with us the website for Helius Medical Technologies, and an amazing medical device which is being studied for treatment of chronic nuerological symptoms of disease or trauma.  He hopes it will help Veterans with TBI in the coming months. Suffice to say, we will be hearing a lot more from Montel in 2018.