VetStory: Meet the Minx from WTF Nation Radio

Phil Briggs
April 13, 2018 - 12:23 pm


On this week's VetStory podcast, we spoke with the feisty radio hostess from WTF Nation Radio. Known to the internet radio audience as, Minx (we'll keep her real name a secret for now) this gal from Texas was an absolute riot to talk to.

In this podcast you'll hear:

  • Army surgery - What it was really like working in the US Army Medical Department Activity Command (MEDDAC)
  • What the FOB! A surgical tech firing a .50 cal
  • Conspiracy theorist - Her thoughts on the Clintons
  • Guns & Radio - What is WTF Nation Radio?
  • Gun control - She does not "minx words" when it comes to gun legistaltion
  • Pack more than a lunch - What she brings with her to work everyday  
  • Butt of the joke - Stories from the hospital and the objects planted in patient's posteriors'

Minx' life in pictures:

Here's a few memories she shared with us from her days in Afghanistan with the US Army, MEDDAC: 

WTF Moment- Spec Ops warfighter assesing the damage just after her incident with the .50 cal


What Minx describes as her enjoying "a random day in Afghanistan".


This is no Grey's Anatomy- While she has fun on the air now, during her deployment she was part of a seriously incredible team of Army medics, who performed critical surgeries inside a tent on the Forward Operating Base (FOB).


Deployment Days: Minx call this, "just a really pretty sunset."


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