VetStory: How toxic exposures endanger veterans from all eras

Phil Briggs
April 20, 2018 - 2:21 pm

Think only combat vets have experienced "toxic exposure"? Think again. It's way more than just Agent Orange and burn pits.

We recently learned that veterans from all eras may have been exposed to toxic chemicals...and not even known it. 

We talked about it with Dr. Tom Berger, executive director and Maureen Elias, assistant director of the Veteran's Health Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

In this podcast we discussed:

  • Toxic exposures...there are thousands of them
  • From Vietnam till now
  • If you were in the military, you were likely exposed
  • More than just combat veterans
  • The ticking time bomb
  • What symptoms to look for
  • What you can do about it
  • Who can help

Our guests:

Maureen Elias, Army Veteran and assistant director, Veterans Health Council, Vietnam Veterans of America

Dr Tom Berger, Navy Vietnam Veteran and executive director, Veterans Health Council, Vietnam Veterans of America

 For more information about toxic exposures and resources available to veterans, check out the following organizations:

Veterans Health Council

Wounded Warrior Project

TAPS (Tragedy Assistance for Survivors)