VetStory: Is Ecstasy the cure for PTSD?

Phil Briggs
May 21, 2018 - 12:13 pm


"I was blown off a porta-john...had I been standing up, I'd be dead," said Jonathan Lubecky.

The former Army marksman laughs about it now, but for years the injuries related to his service in Iraq made life after the military unbearable.

"When I came home, I started having problems," Lubecky explained. As our conversation revealed, that was an understatement. 

In this episode of VetStory, "Is Ecstasy the cure for MDMA? (Part 1)" we'll hear about his service, his suicide attempts and a chance encounter that led him to the MDMA therapy- which he credits with saving his life.

We'll also hear from Brad Burge, from the Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) about how MDMA clinical trials are showing incredible promise for veterans and others suffering the effects of severe PTSD.

In this week's VetStory:

  • Could MDMA really be used to treat PTSD?
  • Jonathan Lubecky–US Army veteran and Designated Marksman on overwatch detail
  • Blown off a porta john
  • The chance encounter that changed his life
  • The clinical trial




Jonathan Lubecky, Army Designated Marksman with his M-107 Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle



Designated Overwatch Detail




With Senator Rand Paul, one of many encounters Lubecky had on his road to MDMA clinical trials.



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