VetStory: Beard Bros, Baseball and Metallica

Phil Briggs
April 30, 2018 - 4:02 pm

Brad Mills USA Today

As a closing pitcher for the Washington Nationals, Sean Doolittle does more than just shut down batters. Off the field, he’s fought to make sure all veterans get the mental health benefits they earned. We recently sat down with him and USMC MARSOC veteran Nick Karnaze, and had a funny conversation about more than just baseball. 

On this episode of VetStory:

  • Famous WWII cousin? 
  • Baddest beards on the Nationals
  • Helping vets
  • Throwing down w/ Metallica
  • Throwing at batters?
  • Hilarious celebrity look alike?


The question every batter wants to know ...

FUN FACT: Sean practices his swing with a light saber.

Washington Nationals

FOUL PLAY: Connecting Vets, Eric Dehm, clearly didn't get the memo that it's always "Nats Day" at our Washington DC office. 

Follow Sean Doolittle and the Washington National's season here. If your beard is striking out, check out Nick’s Stubble and Stache