Veterans Vastly Support Medical Marijuana Research, Legalization

Matt Saintsing
November 03, 2017 - 11:42 am

(Photo by Joe Cavaretta/Sun Sentinel/TNS/Sipa USA)


Marijuana among vets hit a new high as a survey conducted by the American Legion, the nation’s largest veterans’ organization, shows overwhelming support within the veteran community for medical marijuana research and legalization.

“We already know that greater than 80% of the American public supports research into the efficacy of medical cannabis,” said Joe Plenzler, spokesman for the American Legion.

“What this survey shows is that America’s veterans feel even more strongly about the need to study cannabis and its potential in treating, PTSD, chronic pain and other ailments veterans face every day.”

Of the survey’s 1,360 respondents, 802 identify as either a veteran (513), or a non-professional veteran caregiver (289). Here are some of the key findings:

In all, a whopping 92 percent of survey respondents support researching medical cannabis, while 82 percent are in favor legalizing medical marijuana. Support for marijuana research and legalization was seen across the US, with 60 percent of respondents living in states where medical marijuana is not legal.

The issue is truly bipartisan, with wide support stemming across the full political spectrum. 88 percent of respondents said they were conservative, 90 percent identified as liberal, and 70 percent said they were non-partisans—all support federally legalized medical marijuana.

  • 79 percent of survey respondents 60 or older said they supported medical cannabis legalization federally. Approval rates among younger respondents are even higher with 87 percent of those aged 46-59, and 96 percent among those aged 31-45 support complete legalized medical marijuana.
  • 100 percent of respondents aged 18-30 support it as well.
  • The survey found that 22 percent of veterans are currently using marijuana to treat a medical condition. 40 percent of caregivers know a veteran who uses marijuana for
  • Incredibly, the majority veterans in the survey who admitted to using medical marijuana were over the age of 60.

The survey is part of a growing push from the American Legion to change the federal government’s attitude towards medical marijuana for veterans.

A letter sent Oct. 26 to VA Secretary Shulkin from every Democrat on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs called on the agency to begin researching the benefits of medical marijuana.