Veterans join gun debate with #VetsForGunReform

They're not staying quiet on this one

Matt Saintsing
February 21, 2018 - 1:45 pm

Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA


Still reeling from the aftermath of the shooting at a South Florida high school that left 17 dead, there’ve been reactions from all over the political spectrum.

Many have offered “thoughts and prayers,” while others are calling for lawmakers to “do something”—although specifics are unclear. And, some are using their status and experience in the military to call for stricter gun laws.

#VetsForGunReform has emerged on twitter with scores of veterans adding their two cents in a national conversation surrounding the prospect of more gun control.

Some have taken an authoritative stance, citing their combat experience, and calling for changes in gun laws. 

Others want to shape the discussion surrounding the very tools of war they've handled, before lesser qualified (but louder) voices elbow their way into the discourse. 

Some are challening the notion that civilians need these types of weapons. 

One even went so far as to pen an op-ed outlining specific steps lawmakers could take to reduce gun violence. 

And this one used the hashtag in a thread to offer some clarity surrounding the often misunderstood concept of an "assault rifle." 

But, not every veteran who's waded into these waters is on the side of stricter firearm regulations. Of course, there are proud gun-owning veterans who are uncomfortable with this hashtag,  and see it as some vets with a particular political bent using their military experience to weigh in on a touchy subject. 

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