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Eye on Veterans
September 25, 2020 - 3:28 pm
Veterans Community Project expands to Colorado, interviews with Bryan Meyer and Paul Melroy.

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The vets doing huge things with tiny houses 

Bryan Meyer talks about the Veterans Community Project

Before Bryan Meyer founded The Veteran Community Project (VCP), he was a Marine combat veteran. His perspective and life experiences are radically different from those of traditional social service providers, and that’s probably why this transitional housing program works so well.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Meyer had his share of challenges during the transition to civilian life. But eventually, he put his demons behind him and made it through law school. Rather than pursue the life of a lawyer, he met other veterans who collectively decided they could build a better program for their fellow veterans in need of stable housing.

Since its launch in Kansas City, Missouri, VCP has grown into a village of tiny homes, a community center and a network of social service providers.

Paul Melroy talks about the Veterans Village in Longmont, CO

They recently broke ground on a new Veterans Village in Longmont, Colorado. We talked with Executive director and Navy veteran Paul Melroy about how the next generation of VCP housing will fit next to a newly built housing development and the exciting opportunities that await its future residents. 

A look inside the tiny homes of the Veterans Community Project

Plus, we heard how even the design of these homes is tailored to help residents find success in a uniquely veteran way.   


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