Disabled Veterans will soon be able to fly military Space-A

Matt Saintsing
August 03, 2018 - 11:39 am

Photo Courtesy of Lanna Britt


Every now and then, Washington seems to occasionally get it right. That happened Wednesday when the Senate approved a measure tucked away in the annual defense authorization bill that expands military Space-A travel to veterans with a VA disability rating of 100 percent.

Only military retirees, meaning those with a blue DD Form 2, and current service members had previously been eligible for Space-A flights. But with this new provision veterans like Tim Britt and his wife, Lanna will soon enjoy this terrific benefit.

“We are so excited and appreciative that this bill made it across the finish line,” says Lanna.

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While the Senate cast their votes for the National Defense Authorization Act, the couple were sitting in the Richmond, Va. office of Sen. Mark Warner (D) to drum up support for the provision. But little did they know that the bill in question, The Disabled Veterans Access to Space-A Travel Act, was slipped into the annual defense authorization bill.

Lanna has been emailing and calling on members of Congress monthly and all that hard work paid off when she got the email she was waiting for.

“Later that afternoon I emailed a staffer on the Senate Armed Services committee to see what I could do to push the bill along and she wrote back to tell me that it was in the NDAA and that the Senate had overwhelmingly passed it a few hours prior,” she says.

“I almost let out a scream when I read that email!”

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Tim was injured in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2006 when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), exploded near his convoy. He was given a 100 percent disability rating just last year, and the ability to fly Space-A means flights will not only be free, but that they will be far more possible, due to his back injuries.

Since the approved initiative doesn’t have a specific enactment date, once the bill becomes law it will go into effect immediately. Lanna and Tim are planning to take a trip in November, even though they haven’t worked out the destination quite yet.

 “We won’t be picky—we’ll be fine to wait around the terminal to see what flights we can get on,” she adds.

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