Winter Weird-land: 8 great last minute gifts

Phil Briggs
December 14, 2018 - 11:09 am

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Can't find a gift for the veteran in your life? Meeting the girlfriend's former military father for the first time? 

Well, even if you don't know their hobbies, interests or shirt size you can rest assured that after serving in the military, all veterans share something in common- a good sense of humor.

So here are a few gifts ideas that will make you a hit this holiday season:

Keep it classy

It is in poor taste to simply chug from a wine bottle, but it is positively aristocratic to sip from the Guzzle Buddy™. $19.99

For the one who said they don't want anything this year ...

It's an endless supply of nothing! Or at least a better way to wrap that last minute box of candy you buy at the grocery store.

You Said You Wanted Nothing by Gears Out  $10.94

Are they cat people? This is almost better than a clean litter box

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats by Accoutrements $7.99

The gift of Comfort ...  and Joy

Etosell Stuffed Pillow Cushion Emoji Poop Shaped Smiley Face Doll Toy $4.99

 A gift they will love ... No $#%!

Maybe Swearing Will Help: An Adult Coloring Book of Motivation, Puns & Cursing, Stress Relieving Designs to Relax and Enjoy!

Gift set Includes Sargent Art Classic Fine Tip Markers in a case, set of 3 $19.99

Pint-Sized Protection

Ideal for those with roommates or Dad's on a diet

Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector by Ben and Jerry's $35.97


Give 'em something to talk about ...


You may want to make sure the kids and grandparents go to bed before playing ... but after this adult vocabulary game, the family will never forget you.

Cards Against Humanity: Red Box by Cards Against Humanity $20.00

For those who love to travel

Public Toilet Survival Kit

This gift is funny, but the things in public toilets are not. $6.74


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