There's a new avenue to success for vet/spouse entrepreneurs

October 12, 2018 - 1:22 pm

For the veteran or military spouse entrepreneur finding avenues to get your products to the consumer is one of the first task and hardest tasks. Creating your own website is also a necessity and it's not always easy to figure out what else you should do, or how you should do it. 

So what if there was an online hub where vet/spouse entrepreneurs could network with their fellow business owners, make shoppers and supporters aware of their products, and receive news and info about the veteran space within the small business world all in the same place?

That's the question Lauren Hope, Founder of Hope Design Ltd. and Army spouse, has answered by launching Along with offering the ability to sign up for a vet-owned business newsletter, the site features a directory of businesses and links to their individual websites, a list Hope expects to grow significantly.

"We would like to introduce America to all of these hard-working military spouse and veteran owned businesses," Hope said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "People are welcome to come and list their businesses with us for free, there's no charge for it."

Hope says the site will be particularly helpful for those in the early stages of running a business. With a built-in focus on networking, sharing of helpful resources, and assistance in finding supporters and shoppers who are seeking out vet and spouse owned businesses to patronize. It's something she wishes she'd had when she first started.

"I've been in business for five years fully and I'm only now discovering all of these amazing resources that are out there," "I wish they were out there five years ago, well they were out there, I didn't know they were out there. so my goal is to help people who are just starting to get that boost to find the resources that they need, in addition to getting their business out there in front of people who can support them."

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