Ready to find out which vet makes the best booze?

Eric Dehm
October 08, 2018 - 9:07 am

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Isabelo Tabanguil

Alcohol has fueled many an adventure, and multiple re-tellings of those adventures, for our service men and women for as long as the military has been around. Of course, it's also derailed, and cut short careers. Love it or hate it, our military and veterans are particularly good at consuming alcohol... but how are we at making it?

That question will be answered at the inaugural Veteran Beverage Festival in San Antonio this weekend. The event is the brainchild of Jason Justice, an Army Reservist who founded both Justice Label moonshine and the Distiller, Brewer & Vintner Network.  Justice says he came up with the idea as an alternative to the competitions he'd been invited to that seemed to be more about buying a medal than actually competing against his fellow distillers.

Courtesy Veteran Beverage Festival

"It's just been great," Justice said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "I mean, for a first-year competition, we have over 230 entries. So that's serious market penetration for something that's never been heard of. It just tells me that with what we're doing, we're on the right track."

While the vet-owned brands are laser-focused on the competition, Justice says those showing up to check them out and have a good time won't be disappointed. Thanks to gracious sponsors including Pop Smoke, RallyPoint and others, entrance is free. 

"Show up ready for a music concert, smelling great food from a dozen vendors from the local San Antonio area," Justice said. "And just seeing and getting exposed to all of these veteran organizations and companys and what they're doing. I think everybody's gonna have something to take away from the event."

You can hear the full interview with Justice below. To listen later, click Share and select Download.

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