Still waiting for your Vet ID Card?

Phil Briggs
September 05, 2018 - 2:29 pm


Remember the roll out of the VA ID card program?

Yeah, we didn’t get our cards either, but according to VA officials improvements are coming this October.  

Curtis Cashour, a VA spokesman recently told that, "VA is establishing a data-sharing partnership with the Department of Defense that will essentially automate much of the VIC eligibility determination process starting in October, thus substantially expediting card deliveries to Veterans.”

So what kind of turnaround time can we expect?

“Up to 21 business days from the time a veteran’s application is approved,” explained Cashour. Although delivery times can vary depending on, “a verteran’s service circumstances.”

So why was the process taking so long? Were VA staff members literally hand checking hundreds of thousands of applications? The short answer, according to Cashour, "Yes."

Which is why they expect the new automated system, "will improve the processing of  Veteran ID Card  (VIC) applications by streamlining service verification requests."

While automation may speed up the process for some, there will still be veterans whose applications are harder to process. "Obtaining service verification is a lengthier process for veterans who have had no contact with VA previously and are not in our system," explained Cashour. "Veteran military service history information is contained across multiple databases between VA and the Department of Defense (DoD).

To date over 138,000 veterans have applied for the ID card, and just under 48,000 cards have been mailed out to vets, according to Cashour.

Honorably discharged veterans are eligible to receive veteran ID cards, and veterans can find the application on the VA’s website or by clicking here.

Veterans applying for the card will then submit their personal information, a copy of a valid government ID and a photo to be used on the card.

The cards are not to be used as official forms of identification and do not entitle veterans to any VA or DOD benefits.


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