VA and Walgreens to share veterans prescriptions

Kaylah Jackson
August 20, 2018 - 11:20 am



If you're a veteran who gets his or her prescriptions filled at Walgreens, this is good news for you.

Thanks to a new collaboration between the second largest pharmacy chain and the VA, VA providers will now be able to see the medical and immunization history of all VA-enrolled patients during your doctor visits.

Before this partnership, veterans were responsible for giving their VA providers the information about which medications they had filled at Walgreens, but this new development offers more seamless communication between providers and your local pharmacy.

VA Secretary Robert Wilkie says, “This arrangement is the first of its kind and it’s a strong collaboration. Partnerships like this will help VA continue to improve the way we care for veterans.” 

This isn’t the first time VA has partnered with Walgreens either. In 2014, the pair announced a collaborative initiative that would integrate veteran’s medical records through the electronic health record platform (EHR).

And just in time for the season of sniffling and colds, VA patients can get free flu shots at Walgreens year-round. Click here for the downloadable flu shot voucher.

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