The USS TR isn't the only aircraft carrier with COVID-19 cases

Elizabeth Howe
April 08, 2020 - 12:15 pm
USS Nimitz


While the coronavirus outbreak onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt has been in the spotlight in recent weeks, it is not the only aircraft carrier struggling to contain COVID-19.

The USS Nimitz last week became the fourth U.S. aircraft carrier to report a COVID-19 case onboard. 

Coronavirus sends deployed USS Theodore Roosevelt to port, all crew members to be tested

According to Politico, the individual who tested positive aboard the USS Nimitz was removed from the ship and put into isolation. Cases have also been reported onboard the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Carl Vinson — both currently undergoing maintenance in Japan and Puget Sound, respectively. 

The COVID-19 situation onboard the USS TR developed quickly. On March 23, the aircraft carrier reported 3 COVID-19 cases. Within days that number had grown to 25. Now, more than 200 sailors aboard the vessel have tested positive for the virus — despite efforts by the ship's captain to expedite testing and evacuation measures. 

The Navy released guidance early on regarding additional measures that should be implemented to try to slow the spread of the virus in the close quarters of ships. These measures included closing ship gyms, screening all those who come aboard, outfitting sailors with nitrile gloves, conducting ship-wide bleach cleaning, and maintaining six feet of separation whenever possible. 

How the Navy is trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus on its ships

Despite these efforts, however, the Navy has been hit disproportionately hard by the pandemic. The service is outpacing all others with 513 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday morning. 

Across the Department of Defense, 3,160 cases of the virus have been reported. This includes 1,975 active-duty service members and eight deaths. 

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