(image courtesy of WTF Nation Gaming)

USAWTF Nation Gaming brings community to online gaming

July 31, 2018 - 10:33 am

If you’re a veteran on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve likely heard of USAWTFM, which stands for US Army What The F*ck Moments. They post pictures and tell stories about those little moments in military life that are so ridiculous or improbable that they seem impossible. A private mopping a motor pool in the rain. A lieutenant duct taped to a tank’s main gun tube. A colonel or CSM wearing not one, but two PT belts, just to be on the safe side.

However, the page does more than that. With over 1 million followers on Facebook, they also serve as a way to connect service members and veterans. If a service member or veteran goes missing, they put out a BOLO. They often post resources for mental health help. They offer podcasts and web radio shows to inform and entertain. Now, they’re branching out into a new venture: gaming.

US Army WTF Nation Gaming went live in January of this year. Since then, they have provided veterans, active duty personnel, and supporters of the military a place to get their daily technological, gaming, and internet fix, as well as a place to bring players and their favorite personalities together.

“What is WTF Nation Gaming?” asks founder “KJ.” “My friend, it's first and foremost a community. We are starting our Twitch streaming, and we have done the past sixth months exclusively on Facebook.” The group is focusing on live content right now, but in the near future they plan on expanding to YouTube videos, Instagram photos, and eventually, their own website.

When asked, KJ reminds us that they are not professionals in most respects. “We here are just a bunch of guys playing video games and getting drunk occasionally. That is about the community. It’s about the people here. Like Tsaba, who has provided gifs for laughter and an ear to listen to you when you need advice, or Sheltered Bog, who knows the rules to all the editions of Dungeons and Dragons (and reminds me plenty).”

 You can find WTF Nation Gaming through their Facebook page, on Twitter, and if you have the chat server Discord, they invite any and all to join here.

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