U.S. warship stuck in ice, Navy says hurry up and wait .

Matt Saintsing
January 23, 2018 - 12:46 pm
little rock

(U.S. Navy photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin/Released

A brand-new, pristine U.S. Navy warship has been unable to move from Montreal since Christmas Eve, and will spend the winter visiting with our Canadian allies.

Not because they want to; they’re just stuck in ice.

The USS Little Rock, a littoral combat ship, was unveiled in a ceremony on Dec. 16 in Buffalo, New York. Due to the adverse weather north of the border, the warship remains trapped at bay in Canada, according to Toronto Star.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy told The Star that the ship will be inactive in Montreal, and will not move to its sunny home port in Mayport, Fla. until the weather improves.

“The temperatures in Montreal and throughout the transit area have been colder than normal, and included near-record low temperatures, which created significant and historical conditions in the late December, early January time frame,” Lt.-Cmdr. Courtney Hillson told The Star.

“Keeping the ship in Montreal until waterways are clear ensures the safety of the ship and crew, and will have limited impact on the ship’s operational schedule.”

The especially frigid temperatures caused ice to form much faster than usual. Ice cover across the Great Lakes increased from 3 percent on Christmas Eve to nearly 30 percent by Jan. 6, according to weather.com.

Littoral combat ships are described as agile, by Navy officials, and designed for rapidly deployable missions with minimal manning.

The ship’s crew has been provided with cold-weather gear is reportedly equipped with heaters and de-icers in hopes that ice accumulation on the hull will slow down.