Wake Up and Smell the UFOs! Navy finally drafts reporting guidelines

Phil Briggs
April 26, 2019 - 2:51 pm

Getty images / ktsimage

Ask any military pilot if they’ve ever seen something they couldn’t explain in the skies above, and you’ll likely get a great UFO story.

But ask them to write it up in an official report, and they’ll probably say “hell no,” because doing so would result in being mocked, or even worse passed over for promotion.

As a former enlisted sailor on a carrier I’ve heard both- stories of unexplained shit in the sky and on radars in Carrier Air Traffic Control and pilots wearing tin foil hats in the Ready Room intending to bust a fellow pilot’s balls. Which is why I found Deanna Paul’s recent Washington Post article, “Frustrated pilots got Navy to stop dismissing UFO sightings” so damn interesting.

According to the Post, a recent increase in sightings has forced the Navy to, “ draft formal procedures for pilots to document encounters,” of these sightings, which are referred to as “unexplained aerial phenomena”.

Chris Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence and a staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee told the Post, “In some cases, pilots — many of whom are engineers and academy graduates — say they observed small spherical objects flying in formation. Others say they’ve seen white, Tic-Tac-shaped vehicles. Aside from drones, all engines rely on burning fuel to generate power, but these vehicles all had no air intake, no wind, and no exhaust.”

In other words, we finally don’t have to meet in private Facebook groups with conspiracy theorists wearing  Roswell T-shirts to have a reasonable discussion about UFO sightings.

However official reports about UFO encounters are certainly nothing new.

The National Archives and Records Administration actually has several collections of documents regarding UFOs. The documents are known as “Project Blue Book” and they include declassified Air Force reports from investigations that occurred from 1947 to 1969. There’s even a website you can go to and see the microfilm and other documents related to Project Blue Book.

New History Channel series looks at Air Force UFO program

While the Navy’s recent change of heart on reporting alleged UFO sightings may have come at the behest of angry pilots sick of being ignored, the Department of Defense has hardly been ignoring alien encounters.

According to History.com in 2017, the Pentagon confirmed the existence of a short-lived, government-funded secret program known as Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Started in 2007, it investigated “anomalous aerospace threats.”.

With so many sightings, and decades of data it’s amazing that it’s taken this long for the military to get serious about these unexplained aerial phenomena.

With enough sightings, reports, and evidence this could become the most important story in modern military aviation … or at least bigger than Sky Penis.