From application to diploma, UMGC has its veteran students covered

Julia LeDoux
February 28, 2020 - 1:02 pm

University of Maryland Global Campus


Veterans who’ve decided to pursue their college education after military service have taken an important step on their road to transitioning to the civilian world.

But what comes after that decision has been made?

If you’re a veteran looking to attend the University of Maryland Global Campus, formerly the University of Maryland University College, Kristin Byerly and her staff have your back.

Byerly, UMGC’s director of veterans initiatives for stateside military operations, said before mapping out class schedules and settling on a major, veterans should get a handle on how much money they have available to them to pursue their educational goals.

“Contact the VA to determine what benefits you are eligible for,” she said.

UMGC classifies veterans as active duty service members, those who have retired or separated from military service, their spouses and dependents, said Byerly.

Vets should also have transcripts showing all college courses they have taken when applying to UMGC. 

With benefit information and transcripts in hand, veterans should next set up a meeting with an advisor and come prepared to answer questions about their future. Byerly said veterans come to college with a vast amount of real-world experience and want the same things as their fellow students who have never served.

“They want a marketable degree and financial security,” she said.

Advisors will help the veteran with the entire application process, from filling out the application to class scheduling, Byerly said.

For veterans who are already attending community college in Maryland, academic advisors also provide customized degree mapping to ensure the courses they are taking transfer to UMGC and count towards graduation requirements.

Byerly added that UMGC works directly with the VA to provide information about the classes that its veteran students take. She said that UMGC certifies to the VA that are on track with their program and all the courses they are taking are applicable to their individual degree plan.

For more information, visit the Vessey Veterans Resource Center at

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