From the Combat Zone to the Corporate World

Lauren Warner
October 24, 2018 - 11:44 am

Photo courtesy of Bob Ludwig I UMUC

There are a countless number of veterans who have a hard time with the idea of transitioning from the military lifestyle to the corporate world. 

UMUC is intent on creating a solution to bridge the gap. 

Image courtesy of UMUC

Already strongly tied to the military community, active-duty servicemembers, veterans, and their families are assisted with more than just scheduling classes. There's a clear appreciation engrained in the heart of the entire university staff that's reflected by their dedication to helping veterans transition and coach their military students through any imaginable situation. 

With this, UMUC is uniquely poised to take their dedication one step further and launch their veteran graduates into a corporate world that understands the military culture. 

Last week, UMUC partnered with Entercom and Connecting Vets, to host a leadership breakfast at Citizens Bank Park. The attendees included a number of corporate representatives and hiring managers--from companies such as Boeing and Comcast NBC Universal, interested in learning how to create or further their veteran hiring initiatives. 

Photo courtesy of Bob Ludwig I UMUC

With the intention of creating conversation, UMUC developed a panel of subject matter experts on the military community's lifestyle and needs as they pertain to continuing education and business practices. After all, who better to coach and discuss veteran, military spouse and caregiver hiring initiatives than that exact community? 

As businesses struggle to find qualified applicants, they're turning to the military community but many companies are not familiar with the difference in lifestyle and values that define a military family or the challenges that come with being a caregiver. UMUC is moving forward with a two-fold goal: to continue educating and supporting their military population while simultaneously educating businesses on how to integrate this transitioning population.

Photo courtesy of Bob Ludwig I UMUC

Some of the largest obstacles that occur when hiring from the military population include the language barrier between corporate HR and military applicants--plus adequately translating skill sets--as well as addressing misconceptions about veterans. The panel met each of these topics head-on, explaining the value that military applicants can bring to the workplace with their work ethic and dedication and suggesting that businesses try to meet the veterans where they're at and become generally familiar with the jobs within the Armed Forces to avoid confusion or disqualification over mistranslated skills.

As the breakfast came to an end, UMUC left each attendee with a challenge coin, meant to "challenge" them to uphold the honor and commitment to service in hiring the military community. The coins are a perfect representation of UMUC's intention and dedication to their veterans, and each one is the beginning of the next step in growing a network of companies who are learning to leverage the unique strengths of the military community. 


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