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UMUC helps caregivers college dreams come true

July 25, 2018 - 11:36 am

If you're the caregiver of a wounded warrior, and your goal is to go to college - but you don't think you can afford it - University of Maryland University College  leads the way awarding scholarships to military caregivers.

UMUC awards up to five scholarships per year for volunteer caregivers of recovering service members, veterans and wounded warriors. The application cycle runs from November – March.

The Pillars of Strength Scholarship Program, which offers full-ride scholarships that cover full tuition, fees and course-required resources, is managed by UMUC, The Blewitt Foundation, and the National Military Family Association (NMFA).

One reason UMUC's award winning degree program is perfectly suited for military caregivers is that you can live anywhere and take the classes online, in class, or a hybrid. That is especially important for those who cannot step away from their caregiver responsibilities to pursue their own dreams.

Pillar of Strength recipient Jessica Brewer knew that a "brick and mortar school wouldn't have been an option" for her.  She needed the option of taking classes online.  UMUC's program lets you study wherever you are, wherever the world takes you.

UMUC, The Blewitt Foundation, and the NMFA are dedicated to the unwavering commitment of military caregivers, recognizing the forgotten heroes who are rarely publicly appreciated for their service.  Recipient Sandralee Jensen was terrified of going back to school but her husband Chris encouraged her to apply. "She has given her life to the military, she's given her life to other soldiers, she's given her life to her children, and she's certainly given her life to me."

Who is eligible?

  • You must be a volunteer caregiver of a military service member or veteran with a disabling wound, injury, or illness that occurred while on active duty after 9/11. You can be a spouse, parent, step parent, sibling, step sibling, fiancé, child, stepchild, or friend. 
  • You must have your high school diploma or GED.
  • You must be enrolled, or planning to enroll, in a degree or certificate program at UMUC with a minimum of 6 credits per term for undergraduate students or 3 credits per term for graduate students during the fall and spring terms. Winter and summer term registration is optional, although the scholarship covers courses taken in those terms as well.
  • You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the scholarship application deadline; UMUC's school code is 011644.
  • You must demonstrate financial need. UMUC's Office of Financial Aid will determine your eligibility based on your completed FAFSA application.  If you are in default on a loan, you will be disqualified.

UMUC is an accredited state college with 140+ locations and online learning, allowing students to learn where they can, when they can.  It offers flexibility and availability to active service members, veterans, their family and their caregivers.

University of Maryland University College is a proud partner of Connecting Vets.

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