Breaking: Trump says Chief Gallagher won't be kicked out of the Navy SEALs

Jack Murphy
November 21, 2019 - 10:00 am

(Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

This morning President Donald Trump tweeted that Chief Eddie Gallagher will not have his SEAL trident revoked.

Gallagher was accused of war crimes which led to a highly controversial and contentious court martial. Fellow Navy SEALs accused him of murdering a teenage boy in Iraq as well as shooting at unarmed civilians. Gallagher was aquited of these charges but was found guilty by a panel (rather than a jury as would be the case in a civilian trial) of posing with a dead body for a trophy photo. The Navy busted Gallagher down a paygrade after that conviction. President Trump intervened in the case numerous times, tweeting words of support for Gallagher's defense, having him released from pre-trial confinement, and more recently, restoring his rank.

Meanwhile, the commander of Naval Special Warfare, Adm. Collin Green, weighed whether the Navy should strip Gallagher of his SEAL trident. The trident is the pin which displays the SEAL insignia showing a eagle clutching a flintlock pistol and a trident. The badge is awarded to candidates who graduate the Basic Underwater Demolitions/SEAL training course. To strip a SEAL of his trident is essentially to strip him of his identity, a form of social shaming that ostracizes the member from the SEAL community. Over 150 tridents have been revoked during the Global War on Terror.

Adm. Green had to make a decision on that matter as he reportedly had deferred on initiating the proceedings to revoke Gallagher's trident as it may have been perceived as prejudicial during the court martial. Green then had to contend with interference from the White House but since Gallagher had not received a pardon from the President, the decision was made yesterday to begin the process to take Gallagher's trident. 

Gallagher and his wife have openly mocked the Navy, fellow SEALs, and his chain of command on social media. Gallagher and his attorney have also filed an Inspector General report against Adm. Green accusing him of making disparaging comments about the President and disagreeing with his decisions, a claim the Navy denies.

SMH ----‍♀️ Don’t miss the irony of all of this... corrupt Military Leadership at it’s finest --------

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According to the New York Times, the White House allowed the proceedings to revoke Gallagher's trident to move forward, with Adm. Green only signing the paperwork after he did not receive any push back from the executive office.

But that changed today.

President Trump shutting down these proceedings is just the latest reversal in a serious of military war crimes cases that the White House has taken unprecedented action on.

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