Hauling "The Wall That Heals" is a powerful experience for truckers

Julia LeDoux
March 22, 2019 - 10:50 am
The Wall That Heals

Photo Courtesy of Barber Trucking


The reactions of two people especially stood out for Air Force veteran and trucker Steve Huling as he transported The Wall That Heals last year across Pennsylvania. 

One was a housewife who stepped out of her home clad in her housecoat and saluted as Huling drove by. The second was a man in a wheelchair who stood up to offer a salute.

“It was just amazing,” said Huling. “I was grateful and honored to be in that truck. Very thankful.”

The Wall that Heals is a  transportable replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. that is moved around the country by truckers like Huling. It includes a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and a mobile Education Center that is transported on a 53-foot trailer.

“I didn’t expect the pride I had felt, the outpouring of love that was received while we drove by,” he said.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund recently recognized Huling and other members of the Truckload Carriers Association who transported the exhibit during a ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Our partnership with TCA allowed us to bring the more than 58,000 service members inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial home to hundreds of thousands of visitors in 2018,” said Tim Tetz,  director of outreach for VVMF.


The Wall that heals

Driver and Marine Corps veteran Shane Bunting said it was an honor and privilege to transport the exhibit.

“You either know someone who fought in that war or had family in that war, and it’s cool to be a part of that,” he said. “It’s a living memorial, not just a trailer.”

Drivers Justin Jackson and Navy veteran Denny Hohman also transported the Wall.

“Getting to see all the people that this Wall represents, effects, and moves is an unbelievable experience,” said Jackson.

“It was an honor and privilege, something I would do anytime for this country,” said Hohman.

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Jackson and Hohman picked the exhibit up in St. Paul, Minnesota and transported it to Brockway, Pennsylvania while Huling and Bunting took it from Brockway to Birdsboro, Pennsylvania.

Trucking companies are needed to haul The Wall in 2019. Interested companies may complete an online interest form at www.vvmf.org/haul-the-wall.

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