Triton Fitness: Marine Corps fitness designed for you

Elizabeth Howe
May 17, 2019 - 12:57 pm
Triton Fitness

Photo courtesy of Triton Fitness

Want Marine Corps-level fitness training tailored to your unique physical needs? That's exactly what Triton Fitness has to offer. 

"The circuit training is very unique the way we've designed it," said Marine Corps veteran Ryan Belcourt, owner of Triton Fitness. "Our core philosophy is all about strength, endurance, and nutrition. Around those philosophies, we design full body workouts for people to really meet any goal that they're striving for."

Belcourt and his partner Derrick Smielewski have known each other since they were 10 years old living in Michigan. Decades and separate Marine Corps careers later, the pair decided they wanted to bring the passion for fitness they developed in the Marine Corps to a gym. 

"We were very entrepreneurial at heart and had been looking for the opportunity," Belcourt said.  

In the interest of keeping the program intimate and personalized, Triton Fitness will cap gym membership at around 40 or 50 members — which is sure to happen soon considering the gym already has 30 members after only being open for a month. 

"Ten of our members are veterans and half a dozen are active-duty Marines," Belcourt said. "And they choose to be at our facility over the free facility on base because of the results they're seeing."

Those results partly come from the unique knowledge both Belcourt and Smielewski have about their military and veteran clients and the environment they come from. 

"You just had to be in shape if you were going to deploy to places like Iraq or who knows where Marines are going to go in the future," Belcourt said. "You just have to stay in great shape. From the leadership on down it was always the environment to stay in great shape."

Beyond the fitness environment, Belcourt said his time in the Marines led him to where he is now. 

"I owe everything to the Marine Corps and truly feel that. My career just led me to have the money and opportunity to create a business like this."

To check out the training and programs Triton Fitness has to offer visit their website.

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