Kristin Beck on Service Dogs, Manning, Jocko and more!

The Morning Briefing
July 19, 2018 - 10:54 am photo

During a recent appearance on the ConnectingVets Morning Briefing radio show, retired SEAL Kristin Beck joined host Eric Dehm and reporter Jonathan Kaupanger for an in-depth interview about her beginnings, her time on SEAL teams, and the period of time where she transitioned to being a veteran, as well as a woman. 

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • She thinks vets need to get better at leaving their rank behind when they leave the service. 
  • Beck is not a fan of Chelsea Manning, in fact the Sr. Chief refuses to even say Private Manning's name.
  • You do NOT want to mess with Beck's service dog Lilly, or try to call her away from Beck's side, as a man in a bar recently learned.
  • She thinks SEAL vets are held to a different standard if they don't fit the "stereotype" of what people, and some fellow SEALs, want them to be.  
  • She spent 9 years working on the teams with best-selling author, motivational speaker and podcast host Jocko Willink and while she thinks he's tough as nails, and a lot scarier, she does think he should sleep in once in a while and maybe chill with what she calls the "Conan routine." She also says that Willink refuses to even speak with her these days.

Yep. Retired Chief Petty Officers tend not to hold back, and Beck is no exception.

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