Top 5 best YouTube gaming channels

Jake Hughes
March 27, 2018 - 10:09 am

(Image Courtesy of Dreamstime)


I’m trying, y’all. I really am! I’ve sent emails to all the major developers to try and get early access or press copies of upcoming games. I’ve pre-ordered some, so as soon as they release, I can start posting reviews and Let’s Play’s to our YouTube channel.

For now, I figured I’d help out by listing my five favorite channels. These are in no particular order.

1. Fightin’ Cowboy

We’ve actually interviewed this guy before, as his “day job” is designing websites for the VA. In his spare time, however, he’s a and YouTube personality. He got his start posting Dark Souls 2 build videos, but now he does a bit of everything: Let’s Play’s, walkthroughs, build videos for the Dark Souls series and Monster Hunter World, and "Drunkthroughs," which is exactly what it sounds like, him getting drunk and playing games. He also posts his Twitch streams to YouTube, if you have a few hours to spare, dude is a lot of fun to watch and his commentary is hilarious. Check him out on Twitch here, or click above to subscribe to him on YouTube.

2. Prepare To Try

In case you can’t tell, I like Dark Souls gameplay. This channel got its start on the IGN YouTube page, but got so popular they made its own channel. The channel describes it as, “Three idiot friends—Gav, Daniel, and Rory—playing hard games, and losing their minds.” As they play, they tell stories and jokes, laughing at their failures. They’ve beat Dark Souls 1 and 3, Bloodborne, Cuphead and Resident Evil.  The video above is from their time on IGN, but they're own channel is linked above. Watch these guys and have fun, but fair warning, you’ll never look at park benches the same way ever again.

3. Games Done Quick

If you’ve never heard of Games Done Quick, you’re missing out. This channel is all about Speed Runs. That is, beating a game as fast as possible. They run two charity events each year, Awesome Games Done Quick in January and Summer Games Done Quick in June. They've raised millions of dollar for Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. These runs are immensely entertaining, and the commentary is funny and fascinating for the most part. Race on over and check them out.

4. Cinemassacre

Let me start off by giving a big ol' warning: this guy is vulgar. Sure, some of the above channels use colorful language, but this guy takes it to a whole other level. He is the Sultan of Swearing, the Priest of Potty Mouth, the Grand-High Poo-Bah of foul language. It's his whole shtick. James Rolf, more commonly known for his character series, "The Angry Video Game Nerd," takes you back to the past to play the... well, language. He highlights all the games from the 80's and 90's that were pure garbage. You know, the ones where you rented them from the video store on Friday after school, and then realized your whole weekend was wasted on a crappy game.

But aside from the AVGN, he does other, more normal reviews, as well as other things, like his "Monster Madness" series, where he looks at old monster movies. Or "Board James," where he reviews obscure and overly-complicated board games. The guy is incredibly hilarious and insightful, a combo that makes for a blast to watch. Check him out...just don't let your mom hear him.

4. Caddicarus

This guy. Man, this guy is nuts. Caddy does game reviews, mostly highlighting horrible retro games from the PS1 generation, but also does new games. Sounds kinda boring, but it’s the style in which he does it: frenetic, jarring, and devilishly hilarious. But aside from the usual insanity, he’s pretty insightful. He’s also done series' exploring the history of some of the more iconic game franchises, like Crash Bandicoot and Resident Evil. The guy may be insane and off the wall, but he’s incredibly fun to watch.