One day, many meanings. Veterans Day perspectives.

Eye on Veterans
November 09, 2018 - 11:38 am

Photos courtesy GORUCK, BRCC, Sport Clips

Veterans are not a monolith. Some of us like vanilla, others like chocolate, some prefer a delicious red crayon. It's no different when it comes to Veterans Day with some not liking the extra attention, while others proudly spend the day marching in a parade or driving around acquiring free pancakes from as many IHOP locations as possible.

Point is, there are a lot of opinions out there on the holiday so we decided to reach out to some notable, successful veterans to ask how they view "our" day.

Jason McCarthy - Green Beret - Founder/CEO of GORUCK

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We spoke with McCarthy days before he's set to serve as honorary Grand Marshal of the NYC Veterans Day parade. Considering his past as a Green Beret and his founding of a company that's heavily focused on building a community through events like voluntary ruck marches, it's not too surprising that he sees Veterans Day as an opportunity for vets and civilians to get out and make an effort to understand each other.

"Go do something together, how about that? Y'know? Talk to each other. It's really simple. It's not necessarily just go donate money or just go do something anonymously. That's great, a lot of non-profits need funding, I'm not saying don't do that. But more powerful than that is to sort of let your heart get run over, go strike up a conversation, go do something... go do something that brings people together over the cause of veterans."

Jared "JT" Taylor - USAF TACP - Black Rifle Coffee Company/Article 15 Clothing

13 years later we finally get to hang out again! @jango.fett.9296 and I had some of the most memorable times in Iraq!

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In addition to building successful companies, JT and the crew at Black Rifle & Article 15 have made a huge impression through social media by using their not at all deranged sense of humor. It's fitting that in JT's eyes Veterans Day is the perfect time to reflect fondly on some of the worst times you have in uniform, because of the good people you spent them with.

"In the life cycle of most military people, regardless of what your job is, at one point you're all doing something you wouldn't necessarily want to be doing. But you're all kinda stuck there together. Y'know, I'm talking about those times when you're out training and it's pouring rain, everybody's cold and your sitting in a hole pulling security or something like that... it's just those times where you look left and right and you're sharing the misery with some close friends. I think those are the times that make me laugh the most."

Gordon Logan - USAF Vietnam veteran - Founder/CEO of Sport Clips Haircuts

The head of the massive barber shop franchise may have left the service over 40 years ago, but he still keeps close ties with the veteran community, including through Sport Clips Help A Hero partnership with the VFW. The former C-130 pilot says he looks at Veterans Day as a holiday that's more imporant now than ever before.

Help us help our heroes. Come by Sport Clips today to make a donation that will help fund scholarships for veterans, and visit us on Veterans Day, November 11th, when $1 from every haircut will go toward the program.

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"Everybody who's in the military has written a blank check to the government for their life. They're willing to do whatever it takes to get the mission accomplished... today I think it's even more important for us to celebrate that because such a small percentage of our population serves in our military today, as opposed to fifty years ago when almost everybody was in the military or had a brother, sister, father or uncle that was in the military. It's good to remind everyone that there's a relatively small number of people making major sacrifices so that the rest of us can enjoy the good life that we do."

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