CBS Eye on Veterans | The Marine Rapper's mega song, and why he's down with Trump

Eye on Veterans
October 02, 2020 - 1:25 pm
The Marine Rapper talks about new song, World War Cypher and tweet from President Trump

On this episode:

The Marine Rapper showcases up and coming veteran rap artists on World War Cypher

TMR's sonic boom: World War Cypher

The Marine Rapper -- aka Marine Corps veteran Raymond Lott -- is having one hell of a year.

He’s collaborated with Grammy Award-winning reggae star Shaggy. He’s dropped a 10-minute single "World War Cypher" featuring a cast of all military veteran artists and he’s been retweeted by President Donald Trump.

After linking up with Grammy Award winner Shaggy, TMR showcased the talents of his fellow veteran rappers. We examine the rhymes from up-and-coming artists like Ikan Dakai, Dre Benji, King Moe, The MSB, BYG, Anna Oakley, D Cure and a rare British military rapper, Factor 50.

We also talked about his problem with former Vice President Joe Biden and how the issue inspired a video that went viral.

He also shared what it was like getting retweeted by President Trump and why he believes that Trump has handled the coronavirus crisis fairly.

Check out more music from The Marine Rapper here.

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