The Marine Rapper, Silent War in Somalia & images from Vietnam

Eye on Veterans
January 31, 2020 - 1:24 pm
Eye on Veterans features The Marine Rapper, a Vietnam vet exhibit and Jack Murphy details a battle in Somalia

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On this episode of Eye on Veterans:

"The Marine Rapper"

He’s known as “The Marine Rapper” but Raymond Lott is far more than just a musician.  He’s a Marine combat vet, who founded his own record label Ninja Punch Music.  His goal is to highlight and promote the music of veterans and military artists in all genres.

In this interview, Eye on Veterans Host, Phil Briggs talks with him about life, his deployments, and his first viral single "Star-Spangled Banger".

Lott also shares songs from his latest compilation album "Sounds Like Freedom". A first of its kind album that was financed through a Kickstarter campaign, and produced virtually with artists contributing their parts online and without actually meeting face to face.

TerryJosiah, BYG, Kingdom of Zhou and The Marine Rapper
Ninja Punch Music

National Guard Kicks Butt

The war against terrorism is not just limited to Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Special Forces veteran Jack Murphy reveals details about a battle that recently occurred in Somalia, and how the national media barely covered it.

Exclusive: New Jersey National Guard soldiers awarded CIBs for battle in Somalia


Special Forces veteran and reporter Jack Murphy reveals details about a battle in Somalia that barely made the national news

Vietnam War Exhibit

Did you know the Vietnam War can actually be traced back to the end of WWI? We examine the exhibit “The Vietnam War 1945-1975” with historian Doran Cart from The National WWI Museum and Memorial.  We discuss the stunning images and the history of prominent American WWI veterans who may have been able to prevent the war. 

Vietnam War 1945-1975: Exhibit on display at WWI Museum & Memorial

The Vietnam War 1945-1975 exhibit at the National WWI Museum and Memorial

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